Due to legal reasons the JKU has to make sure that the user accepts the Terms of Service (BBO), which can be found here, before giving access to the university WiFi Network. Therefore the conference bag will contain two certificate of receipts, each containing a WiFi access username. In order to receive the according WiFi passwords, one needs to sign the certificate of receipt (looking similar to this) and hand that in at the registrationdesk. In return you will receive the according passwords for your WiFi access. We offer you two individual access codes because each one is restricted to a single device, and can only be used with the device it was first used with. To use this WiFi connection please select the JKU WiFi network, which is an open network (no password required to connect). After the connection is established you are only able to browse to login.jku.at, which should look similar to: You can login by entering the username in the form next to “Benutzername” and the according password into the “Passwort” field. After login there will be a small pop-up window which carries a logout button (if pop-up windows are blocked in your setup, you won`t have the logout button, but will be able to use the network nevertheless). Microsoft-Lizenzen für Techniker Studierenden der TN-Fakultät sowie der Wirtschaftsinformatik an der SoWi stehen über DreamSpark viele Microsoft-Programme kostenlos zum Download zur Verfügung.Näheres dazu finden Sie im ÖH-Linz Servicebereich für Informatik-Studenten unter www.oeh.jku.at/microsoft-lizenzen-f%C3%BCr-techniker. download als pdf (32 KB) download als word.doc (28 KB) Sie erhalten Zugriff auf Programme wie IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, ReSharper Ultimate, PhpStorm und andere IDEs.

Diese kostenlose Onlineversion von Office beinhaltet alles, was Sie von Office erwarten, plus Microsoft Teams. J-MID tailgate combo is designed for the Jeep JK, JKU, JL Tailgate & any other universal application. The J-MID package comes with what yo… Allgemeine Informationen finden Sie bei IBM-Statistics. Sie können den Plan so lange verwenden, wie Sie an einer anspruchsberechtigten Schule arbeiten.